Accounting, Finance, and HR Assessments will Improve Performance

Leaders often make the mistake of putting the cart before the horse — jumping into proposed solutions without having the data to back up their decisions. Unfortunately, this eagerness can stymie success and create even more problems.

A PBO Advisory Group assessment of your accounting, finance, and/or HR functions will provide the solutions you need to achieve successful, long-lasting results and an action plan to get you there. Our approach aligns your accounting, finance, and HR objectives with your organization’s goals and strategies.

Our short video will provide you with an overview of our assessment services and the benefits.

Businesses and nonprofits are experiencing multiple unprecedented challenges. Before forging forward, we suggest you take a step back and assess what changes your organization should make to help you move ahead successfully.

PBO Advisory’s assessments examine your accounting, finance, and/or HR compliance, procedures, and systems. We identify gaps that are impacting these functions from operating more successfully and contributing to the inability for your organization to reach its goals. We provide baseline data, in addition to an action plan for change, that helps you measure improvement and results.

PBO Advisory’s Founder and Managing Director Mike Ford recently authored an article for the Forbes Finance Council about accounting and finance assessments, including the benefits of these assessments, everything involved in the process, deliverables, and how to begin. The information in Mike’s article also applies to HR. We invite you to read the article on here.

If you would like more information about PBO Advisory Group’s accounting, finance, and HR assessment services, please reach out to us.

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