Accounting Assessments

PBO Advisory Group’s professionals assess the accounting and finance processes, people, and systems of your organization, plus additional specific areas of concern or interest that you have. We report our findings and suggestions for improvement, including an in-depth plan to enhance and expand your accounting and finance department for greater efficiencies.

The result is the alignment of your accounting department with your business strategy through streamlined functionality and support for sustainable growth.

Our outsourced accounting professionals are also available to assist in the implementation of this plan as advisors and/or hands-on support. From fractional CFOs to mid-level accountants, we can work with you onsite and/or remotely, based upon your needs.

The specific areas we review during an accounting and finance assessment include:

  • Business strategies, operational systems, accounting systems, and current issues, identified through interviews with key staff
  • Accounting foundation to identify gaps in policy, SOPs, internal controls, and financial reporting
  • Strengths, gaps, and development opportunities for current accounting team
  • Current accounting structure in alignment with your business growth strategy
  • Cost saving opportunities
  • Fraud prevention
  • Accounting workflows to identify inefficiencies (high-level)
  • Current accounting technology systems