6 Steps to Assessing and Improving Your HR Function

Recently on the PBO Advisory Insights blog, we introduced human resource function assessments and the benefits organizations will get from doing one.

In follow-up, we are passing along to you more information, including the six steps involved in conducting an HR functions assessment. While your assessment is tailored to your specific needs, in general, assessments follow these steps:

  1. Identify Objectives
  2. Identify Approach
  3. Collect & Analyze Data
  4. Gap Analysis
  5. Action Planning
  6. Measuring Success

What will you gain from an assessment?

Identify gaps, isolate inefficiencies, and identify strengths within the HR function. Additionally, you will assess technology, pinpoint cost savings, align the HR structure with business/growth strategies, and address other specific issues unique to your organization.

PBO Advisory’s Consulting Chief People Officer Nicole Devine provides more information about these 6 steps and the benefits of assessments in this article she wrote for the Forbes HR Council, of which she is a member.

In the video below, Joey McCoy, a consulting senior HR generalist with our team, provides an overview of the article.

PBO Advisory Group’s consultants also perform accounting and finance and business continuity assessments, which provide similar benefits for organizations. If you are interested in conducting an assessment, please contact Nicole Devine.

Nicole Devine
Consulting Chief People Officer
858-622-1681 Ext. 287