4 Common Business Problems and Solutions to Improve Productivity

Summer typically makes people yearn for more time spent outdoors or dream about plans for an upcoming vacation. It’s not uncommon to see employee performance dwindle during this time. However, to run a successful business, employee efficiency and engagement are two key ways to measure productivity.

Regardless of the industry or season, there are similar challenges that arise as companies grow. We’ve outlined four common businesses problems and solutions. By identifying these situations and knowing how to handle them head on, it will assure that your business continues operating smoothly all year long.

Employee Accountability

One of the biggest common business problems is maintaining accountability. It’s easier for employees to become more easily distracted during the “carefree” days of summer. In order to hold your team accountable, consider paying your team a percentage of their “work effort.”

At Pro Back Office, this means billable revenue. It’s important to establish targets for people. Don’t just give your employees a salary month after month and not hold them accountable for something bigger and better. Start a bonus program, which rewards growth efforts.

It’s inevitable that at some point, business productivity will dip due to distractions. It’s up to you to figure out a way to keep employees motivated and bring out the best in them.

Noisy Environment

Private offices with little interaction is not as common in the workplace as it once was. In order for teams to be aligned toward common company goals, it requires more of an open-door policy and/or office space layout. As a result, it can become difficult to stay focused while working environment due to the noise.

What’s the solution? Noise canceling headphones work well to signal to teammates that you are concentrated on your work. It also allows you to focus on the task at hand rather than be caught up in the conversations around you. This is one  “tool” many businesses use in order to achieve maximum productivity even in an open environment.

Negative Mindset

Everyone faces the occasional day filled by frustrations, problems and negative news. One mental hack that’s proven to be successful for harnessing a positive mindset is to step away from the office altogether.

Go on a jog, get to the gym, find a way to separate yourself from the screen. This detachment also includes your smartphone, as that can be just as draining to you as any other device. Additionally, find someone to talk to that can help you talk through issues. All of this will help to prevent a negative mindset, which can affect company morale. Then, if all else fails, start the company happy hour early.

Industry Buzzwords

Every industry maintains its own set of buzzwords. In the entrepreneurial world, you’ll often hear: “like I said.” The goal of saying this is to spark memories of a previous conversation. However, saying it frequently can be misconstrued and make the other person feel defensive.

Sometimes it helps to simply restate what you’ve said without giving the reminder. When you use buzzwords in the workplace, think about if they are being used to help provide answers to questions.

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